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What are the 5 Core Values of Keys School Manila?

As with any school, Keys School receives many questions from new parents (and parents of those enrolled!) on what they can expect of their children as they go through their education journey at Keys. All our answers are rooted in the school's core values and beliefs. Through the core values in school, we can ensure holistic development in each of our students. 

So what are the five core values in school?

  1. Excellence

At Keys, we encourage children to unlock their natural excellence. By providing an experience-based, interdisciplinary, and collaborative education, students can explore and discover their strengths and limitations and, in doing so, pursue learning that gives them purpose.

  1. Respect

One of the most emphasized core values in school is respect. Keys students are taught that ALL students are to be respected and cared for, with each student's uniqueness being valued, supported, and addressed. The result is a school community that respects and honors each student's individuality.

  1. Collaboration

Learning to work with others is a skill all students will need throughout their lives, which is why Keys pays special importance to collaboration. They are encouraged to recognize and accept their limitations, seek help when needed, and initiate and cultivate friendships. These three social competencies nurture their collaborative skills.

  1. Social Justice

As part of a holistic education, Keys students are taught that all actions are interconnected. They learn that the choices they make can affect the environment they live in and the people in that environment. Because of this, students are made to understand that they each have a personal investment in the well-being of people and the planet. Awareness of the problems of both people and the planet allows them to become agents for change in their communities.

  1. Spirit of Inquiry

The Keys learning environment encourages students to express curiosity and enjoyment in new situations and discoveries. By asking questions, being investigative, using proper documentation, and searching for reasons, they become motivated to use all their previous knowledge and all present information to make connections and arrive at conclusions or solutions to the problems they are trying to solve. 

The achievement of the school's core values and beliefs is a continuous and long-term process, but by the time they graduate, Keys students are agents of social change. These five core values in school are also reinforced at home through the partnership Keys builds with each of its learners' families.

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