Extended Day Program:
Preschool and Kindergarten families can look forward to an optional extended school day on most days.
With an extended day, the students have more time for academic instruction and practice, as well as opportunities for play-based learning activities. Along with this, there are more opportunities for developing social skills as they spend more time with their peers. Another intended purpose of the Extended Day program is to allow the children more time and agency to explore their project investigations in class.
Lastly, we understand that self-help skills among preschool and kindergarten kids is vital and we aim to use this extra time to encourage and hone these skills through practical activities. Self-help skills form the foundation of many other important life skills, such as time management, organization, and communication among others. By learning these skills at a young age, children are better equipped to navigate the challenges of adulthood.
Short Courses:
Short Courses is a 4-week program offered to Keys and non-Keys students ages 2.6 to 6 years old. Our short courses provide children with opportunities to explore and learn about a wide variety of topics in a focused and intensive way and are designed to be immersive and engaging, with hands-on learning experiences that encourage children to explore, experiment, and create. They are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about the topic at hand, and who are skilled in creating an environment that promotes curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.
These courses are typically offered for a short period of time, ranging from a few weeks to a month, and are often based on children’s interests and curiosities. Everything is covered with the registration fee, which includes all the materials your child needs to participate in each class.


Extended Day

Short Courses