Keys’ Atelier is a creative space where children may express themselves and their learning in ways that are meaningful to them. A child’s interest in sea creatures was reflected in the creation of sea castles using playdough and seashells, while another child’s curiosity on surfaces for painting was satisfied when given leeway to paint on a plastic plate instead of paper.  Basics on the states of matter were introduced through the use of oobleck for painting, and the fundamentals of color theory continue to be explored as children work with all sorts of paints.
The Atelier has staple mark-making materials such as markers, pencils and crayon. These are available together with other visual arts tools. Unconventional items, part of the loose parts collection, are all in the knick-knack shelf, ready to be transformed into visual representation of learnings.  The languages of the different disciplines of performing arts are supported too, as musical instruments, projector for shadow play, puppets, books, and even furniture, are within reach and ready for use.


Loose Parts