Love for math is learned; fear of Math may be un-learned. Our Math program design considers age-appropriate math concepts on the same page with children’s experiences in their growth and development.


In Primary, children continue to use math manipulatives- counters, base ten blocks, measurement tools and more to define and refine foundational math concepts. This is integrated with an active use of their problem-solving skills that also require more abstract thinking. Lessons in whole numbers, measurements, graphs, fractions, decimals, geometry are taught for relevance and applications to real life situations. For example, how they apply number sense concepts and operations in counting tasks such as making inventories, analyzing scores in games, budgeting, travel planning and more. We also give students opportunities to integrate geometry concepts in reading and analyzing maps, designing spaces and measuring for area and perimeter. Skills in measurement like using tools to measure length, mass and volume are applied in cooking tasks, health and fitness activities and more.


The adoption of Singapore Math using its Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach further promotes logical and critical thinking as well as numerate thinking. Students are encouraged to visualize and communicate their thinking with their peers in different ways as they do anchor tasks and practice. Through our sessions, they also discover connections between math concepts, other disciplines and how this relates to everyday life. As they synthesize concepts learned, they strengthen their ability to problem solve, creatively strategizing to solve different tasks.

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