Wellness looks into the academic, physical  and socio -emotional needs-of each student. We have a qualified staff – trained and experienced – who can read students’ needs and issues across all grade levels. Our learning specialists, life coaches, guidance counselor and nurse collaborate with parents and teachers to help address and resolve any child-to-school related issues.


The Learning Support program assists students with learning challenges that may interfere with their academic work. Assistane may be one-on-one or with a small group of children of similar needs. Some behaviors may be related to a child’s learning disability. A nurse attends to student matters on health and care.


The Guidance and Life Coaching program help students discern and refine skills they need for their personal and social growth. They create a homeroom program with activities specific to the age group.


The Career Counseling program offers students windows of possibilities after high school. We organize career talks/fairs to help students explore their many career options in and after college. We design workshops and seminars to help students make intelligent choices and re-direct their passions to projects of meaning and purpose, we also organize Parent and Development talks to help families raise their children in a tech-driven culture.

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