Our Preschool to Kindergarten program is Reggio-Emilia inspired and is anchored in the principles of progressive education as it acknowledges the child as front and center of the curriculum, and also the importance of the contribution of other stakeholders – the rest of the community. 


Unique to the Reggio-Emilia approach is The Hundred Languages of Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the Reggio-Emilia Approach. The Hundred Languages, a beautifully written poem, is also an approach that acknowledges each individual’s way of expression and communication – through the language of the arts, of literature, of architecture – the list, and the possibilities are endless. 


The learning environment is seen as the THIRD TEACHER. The learning materials and room setup invite children to explore and create, discover patterns, make connections and express themselves in more than 100 Languages. Teachers prioritize play and encourage children to do so. In a creative space where work is play and play is work, they all discover and celebrate the many joyful moments of learning.