Our HELE program provides students with practical learning experiences in home management and entrepreneurship. Its curriculum content builds basic skills that spirals to higher and more sophisticated skills responsive to bigger challenges of everyday living.


From basic table-setting and kitchen cleanup, children are challenged to create-and-test recipes, pitch fund-raising projects, set up mini booths for a Hele Fair, and serve a  three-course family dinner meal.


Home-care and early entrepreneurship help children discover their passion by building on their interests and family experiences.  When curricular content is relevant, practical, and age-appropriate,  learning thru collaboration and integration is seamless, easy, and fun!

Grade 4

Baking is always fun when it is a shared experience. This Family Bake-Off is a good excuse for a family to hang out in the kitchen and try out a home-made dessert of their choice.


The children prepare the ingredients. Like an instruction manual, they read the recipe and follow line-by-line the measure and mix of the ingredients. Talking and laughter happen as they cut and fold, beat and whisk. Finger lickin’ or bottom scrapin’ batter from the spatula or bowl is allowed. Dough in the oven rises. Or falls (fingers crossed!) Toppings, if desired, are added last.


Of crackers, milk and whip cream, of sugar and blueberries, a pie, pie they all make. From nothing to something, yes, many hands (and hearts) a wonder makes.


Our 4th graders’ challenge? Create the ultimate family signature dessert from the recipes learned in class!

Grade 5:  Entrepreneurship

Young entrepreneurs at 10s & 11s?


First, they learn the what, the who, and the whys of entrepreneurship.  Then on to market research on current business products and services.  Big and Small.


Second, they watched videos of teen-entrepreneurs with inspiring start-up stories they can learn from.


Third is product development that considers consumer needs, cost, and availability of raw materials, brand design, and packaging.  Then marketing strategies.


Next comes the ELEVATOR PITCH where they sell their ideas 5 minutes max before three invited people from the business world.  The guest panelists look at product samples, listen to powerpoint presentations, ask questions, clarify competing figures, give suggestions and feedback.  They work on their product.  They test what works, what doesn’t.  They get it done for the big one.


The finale is the Hele Fair where all the products are sold.

Grade 6:  Hands-On Food Preserves

Food preservation dates as far back as the   Stone Age.   Extreme climate conditions and the hazards of hunting forced our early ancestors to discover how to keep food for the long, cold winter nights.   To this day, food preservation remains a  popular household undertaking in many cultures.


Our children learned about Food Preservation, its methods, and importance in today’s world. They tested several food preserve methods on three products to.

Grade 6    Synchronous HELE Dinner

The HELE Dinner is one of the sixth grade highlights. Before graduation, they prepare a special family get-together in school marked by fine-dining plus entertainment. The lobby turns into a restaurant whose decors bear the flavor, history, and tradition of the cuisine to be served. All are involved in the planning and setup of big and small details. All play a role from wall decors to table-setting preps. No HELE Dinner is ever the same, for each dinner is uniquely defined by the collective character of a class.

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