Problem-solving is the core in our Secondary Math.  Connecting math to everyday realities is also a shared goal across all grade levels.  And our curriculum works around Dan Finke’s five guiding principles:


1.  Always start with a good question.  Student engagement happens when students think.

2.  The need for struggle teaches students how to overcome and persevere.

3.   Teachers are not answer keys. Math skills are not learned overnight; it is a process.

4.   Say yes to all ideas to invite thinking.  Why do you think that’s right? How can you improve your statement?

5.   Play helps students explore rules and discover winning strategies.


The core skills of Singapore Math – number sense, algebra, geometry, and statistics – are skills taught in growing and greater complexity from Grades 7 to 10.

Students think about how they learn math because reflection is always come thinking process.

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