We believe that learning is developmental.  Experiential.  And collaborative.

Every child is unique and Keys provides many learning experiences that are reflective, inclusive and non-competitive. The school culture allows students to pursue their interests and discover their passions. Excellence is measured by performance tasks that impact self and others. And success is always a parent-teacher partnership.


Our Pre-K to 12 program values conceptual knowledge where depth of content, not quantity, is the learning goal. Students construct meaning thru projects that inspire creativity, reflection and accountability.


Be a pillar of progressive education for families and educators in the Philippines and in Asia.


Unlock a child’s potential with our PreK to 12 program that is experience-based, interdisciplinary and collaborative.

KEYS Learners’ Profile

Keys prepares its students for the challenges of the 21st century



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Flexible and adaptable300x300

Flexible and Adaptable

They adapt readily to change. They adjust well to varied roles, jobs responsibilities, schedules and context. They work effectively in a climate of ambiguity and changing priorities. They are flexible enough to incorporate feedback effectively and deal positively with praise, setbacks, and criticism. They understand, negotiate and balance diverse views and beliefs to reach workable solutions, particularly in multi-cultural environments.

Problem Solver-300x300

Problem Solvers

They understand a situation, use different strategies and tools, check for reasonableness, and decide on the best solution. They thrive in working out problems and situations either independently or with others, express joy in discovering different strategies, communicate a given situation effectively, and reexamine and revisit their decisions with the purpose of learning from the process and result.



They are lifelong inquirers and active learners. They express curiosity and enjoyment in new situations and discoveries. They ask questions, investigate with the necessary tools, document accurately and effectively, check for reasonableness and search for plausible reasons. They use previous knowledge through research and personal experiences to make connections between the past, present and what the future may be. They make things happen as an inquirer.



They are determined learners. They exhibit grit and tenacity in the face of challenges and setbacks. They do not see failure as a stop sign, rather they forge on towards their goals by engaging their psychological resources, such as their academic mindsets, effortful control, and strategies and tactics.

Good Communicators

Good Communicators

They articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written, and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts. They listen effectively to decipher meaning, including knowledge, values, attitudes, and intentions. They use communication for a range of purposes and in diverse environments. They utilize multiple media and technologies to deliver the message effectively.

Advocate of social justice 300x300

Advocate of Social Justice

They are inclusive in all their interactions. They understand that their actions have profound effects on others and our environment, that we are interconnected. They have a personal investment and act for the well-being of people and our planet. They have awareness of situations of marginalization, can analyze factors contributing to it, envision a plan to effect change and implement change.