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The Story of Us

along the street
hanged by the wall
as if to shout,  “home”.   
I remember, I remember…

the tall, big GATE
that opened and closed
singing each day
“hello and goodbye”.
I remember, I remember…

the giant TREE
whose leaves waved  in glee
round and round its trunk
“Yippeee” we skipped and jumped.
I remember, I remember…

in this LOBBY
small shoes, big shoes march
slide and shuffle, sweep and scrub
til its planks shone clean and bright. 
I remember, I remember…

strange the KITCHEN smell
where all the hungry gather’d
to share a foodie
a king would envy. 
I remember, I remember…

by this STAIRCASE  of lovely tiles
like a mountain, up we climbed
like a valley, down we tumbled
hippity-high,  tippity-low.
I remember, I remember…

on fancy mats we rolled,
we sang, we danced, we played
but on  these DESKS of green
we wrote, we drew, we ate and laughed!
I remember, I remember…

the many, many days
we dressed in SHIRTS
of green, of white
soldiers off to work, to play.
I remember, I remember…

travelled we each day
in every story
in every BOOK
found we villains, found we heroes. 
I remember, I remember…

these FRIENDS of mine
gray-haired plus some wrinkles
keep in their eyes - a wink, a twinkle
and always in my story laugh.

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