Child reading and working independently

Is your primary school child struggling?

As parents, we are joyful when our children keep in touch with us about their lives inside and outside the bubble of our homes. It is always a significant moment for us every time they allow us to peek through the details of their multifaceted life as young children—whether those experiences are fun, or at …

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Applying 21st Century Skills

A world that is increasingly growing in complexity requires higher-order skills—this means that our 21st century world expects a 21st century skill set from its citizens. Educating the next generation has never been more important and challenging, as true progressive learning goes beyond compartmentalized content areas.  The P21 Framework for 21st Century Learning provides a …

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Skills we Celebrate at Keys

As a community, we value developing lifelong learners who explore learning opportunities, grow as independent individuals, and pursue their passion. Nurturing learners at Keys not only involves creating a supportive and engaging learning environment but also providing them with experiences that enable them to develop lifelong skills, and have a growth mindset. Below are some …

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