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Unlocking the Magic of Math

Math Week at Keys School Manila was a highly anticipated tradition that sparked creativity, excitement, and mathematical discovery across all grade levels. From January 29th to February 2nd, students and teachers alike participated in a wide range of special activities designed to bring abstract math concepts to life in hands-on, engaging ways that piqued students' curiosity and passion.

The week kicked off with the creative challenge of Number Photography Day. Students brought cameras as they ventured outside to scour the school grounds and surrounding neighborhood, seeing their environment through a new mathematical lens. They were tasked with finding and capturing interesting numbers, shapes, patterns, and repetitive designs in nature and everyday objects. Equipped with sharp eyes and active imaginations, students found math in the most unlikely of places - the intricate petals of flowers, the angles of leaves, clouds drifting in geometric formations across the sky, bricks on walls, books on shelves, stairs, windows, fences, and shadows. Their stunning photos revealed the hidden mathematics all around us. “I never realized how many shapes, symmetries, and angles are all around us once you start looking!” remarked one enthused young photographer. “It was so cool to see real life objects and scenes from a mathematical perspective instead of just solving problems on paper.”

The highly anticipated Clay Creations Day later in the week provided students an opportunity to bring mathematical concepts to life in three dimensions. Using their hands, creativity, and new geometrical knowledge, students molded pliable clay into prisms, pyramids, cubes, spheres, cones, cylinders, and more. They then incorporated their handmade 3D shapes into intricate sculptures, models, and structures. One student shared, “Making the shapes with clay helped me understand concepts like faces, edges, and vertices so much better. Now I can visualize why a cube has 8 vertices and 6 square faces!” The students were proud to display their new geometrical comprehension through their artistic clay designs.

By the end of the activity-packed week, students were bustling with enthusiasm for math. They proudly presented photography, sculptures, models, and other Mathematics Week projects in the school lobby for all students and teachers to enjoy. The lobby transformed into a math art gallery filled with creativity that mathematics had inspired. Reflecting on the week, students expressed newfound appreciation for math beyond just formulas and rules. According to one impressed student, "Math isn't just numbers and calculations. It can be creative, hands-on, interactive, and really interesting!" Thanks to the immersive Math Week experience, Keys students gained broader perspectives along with deeper connections and insights into the critical role of mathematics all around us.

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