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Starting ‘Em Young

Teacher A: Young entrepreneurs at 10s & 11s?   Are you serious?  How long?
Teacher T: Here’s how.  First, they learn the what, the who and the whys of entrepreneurship.  Then on to  market research on current business products and services.  Big and Small.

Second, they  watched  videos of  teen-entrepreneurs with inspiring start-up stories they can learn from.  

Third is  product development that considers consumer needs, cost and availability of raw materials, brand design and packaging.  Then marketing strategies.
Teacher A: Sounds college. Long hours, hard work. 
Teacher T: And it gets harder still. 
Teacher A:  H-h-h harder?!?! 
Teacher T: Next comes the ELEVATOR PITCH where they sell their ideas 5 minutes max before three  invited people from the business world.  The guest panelists look at product samples, listen to powerpoint presentations, ask questions, clarify competing figures, give suggestions and    feedback. 
Teacher A: Done, right?   
Teacher T: Nope.   There’s more. 
Teacher A: M-o-r-e?  OMG!
Teacher T: They work on their product.  They test what works, what doesn’t.  They get it done for the  big one. 
Teacher A: The big one?  Sounds scary.
Teacher T: Hehehee.  The Hele Fair.
Teacher A: ENOUGH!!!!  I see the picture.  The finale is the Hele Fair where all the products are sold. 
Teacher T: R-i-g-h-t!!!!! Wanna come?
Teacher A: Sureeeee.  When? 
Teacher T: April.    Hele Fair online. 
Teacher A: Zoom? 
Teacher A:Will send link soon. 

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