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Special Needs Student Care at Keys

Inclusion is highly valued at Keys School Manila, and students are taught very early to be inclusive toward all other students. As part of learning the social competencies of caring for others and initiating friendships, students are taught that the school community has a special obligation to students with more learning barriers. At Keys, we refer to these community members as Students with Special Rights.

To show children working together

At Keys, children are encouraged to work together regardless of their abilities.

Beyond all students' understanding, however, Keys pays attention to special needs and student well-being. All Keys classes are observed by learning support specialists and life coaches. This provides an additional level of support for special needs students in regular classrooms. Teachers, learning support specialists, and life coaches meet frequently to discuss all students' progress, and both work as advisors and mentors to all students, including Students with Special Rights.

The school utilizes different intervention systems to accommodate the needs of all learners. However, it is important to note that Keys will first assess the Student with Special Rights during the admissions process. Recommendations from the support team (the developmental pediatrician and therapists) and the availability of slots will ultimately determine if the student is eligible for enrollment.

Because Keys commits to the learning of our students with special rights as they progress through the grades, most openings are available at Kindergarten. Joining at Kindergarten allows the students to learn and grow together, cementing the inclusion of special needs students in our classrooms. 

Following acceptance, Keys will continuously assess the child's progress and, together with the support team, determine how the child is doing and whether or not they should be transferred to a more appropriate learning environment. A decision like this is only made if or when the school can no longer address the growing needs of the student despite the best efforts of Keys teachers and counselors.

Learn more about Students with Special Rights in Keys School Manila by contacting our Admissions Department at 09171675397 or admissions@keys.edu.ph.

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