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Forging the Path Ahead: Parents as Essential Partners

Keys School Manila believes that parents play an integral role in their child's education. Parents know their child’s needs, interests, strengths, and areas for growth better than anyone else. Keys holds the truth that parent involvement will enrich every learner’s experience and also our growing school community; indeed, parents are essential partners in guiding students to become independent, compassionate citizens who reach their full potential.

As a new parent at Keys School Manila, Em Somera-Chua has embraced the school's progressive approach to education. She offers valuable insights based on her experience as a Keys parent so far. 

Em embarks on Keys' progressive journey with Martina and Milo.

After two years of homeschooling her children Martina (Grade 2) and Milo (Grade 1), Em recognized the importance of finding a school that would build on their current abilities and nurture their potential. She wanted an educational environment that would reinforce the values she taught at home. Em found that Keys School Manila's progressive approach aligned well with her goals. The emphasis on problem-solving, collaboration, and creating a harmonious school community resonated with her. As Em explains, "I love the focus on problem solving and collaboration - as my kids grow, they will depend on me less and have to learn to work with others. It's so unique for a school to prioritize these skills, and I know the supportive environment will be a safe space for Martina and Milo to practice collaboration." She felt Keys would be the ideal next step in her children's academic journey.

Em sees her role as a parent as being a safe space for open communication with her children. "I want Martina and Milo to feel comfortable coming to me with questions, so I can support their education journey without overly focusing on outcomes and achievements. I often remind them that I'm not there to provide all the answers. Instead, I ask them questions to help them discover their own perspectives and approaches to life. I believe in trusting them to find their own way. My role is to nurture them with love and openness, while also preparing and equipping them for the journey ahead. But the actual doing is up to them." For Em, being a place of unconditional support is central to her parenting approach.

Having homeschooled Martina and Milo, Em appreciated Keys' thoughtful admissions process. As she explains, "The practice classes before the school year started really helped my first grader Milo feel excited about attending 'real school' and being with other students. The tutoring sessions empowered Martina to feel confident about taking on second grade on her own. Throughout the process, the admissions team and advisors were so warm, responsive, and genuinely caring. I could tell they were truly concerned about me and my children.” 

Em goes on to say, "The other Keys parents have been so welcoming too. Our parent chat groups feel like a little family - we have useful conversations and funny moments. There's always a birthday celebration or event where we get to see each other regularly. I'm so glad we've found this supportive community." She thinks that the openness and care from Keys staff and parents has eased the transition after homeschooling.

When looking for the right school, Em prioritized finding a nurturing environment on a small, intimate scale that still offered big opportunities. "I wanted a school where my kids would receive individualized attention, while also getting to interact and learn with exceptional teachers and students. I hoped to find a safe, joy-filled place that Martina and Milo would be excited to attend each day, not one they'd eventually dread. Keys School Manila has turned out to be exactly what I envisioned - a tight-knit school community with a bold, progressive vision for education." Keys indeed combines the best of both worlds for her children.

At our progressive school, we believe that parent involvement is the key to nurturing each child's natural curiosity and unlocking their potential. We hope that parents will actively collaborate with us by attending school events, volunteering, observing classes, and sharing feedback. Together, through open communication and teamwork, we can provide the ideal learning environment where every child will thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We are honored and excited to partner with families on this important journey of growth and discovery. By working hand-in-hand, we can empower learners to reach their highest potential. 

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