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Early Childhood Milestones

The life of preschoolers is associated with discovery as they explore the wonders that this world kindles. Being the “little investigators” that they are, preschoolers exude curiosity by asking so many questions—from “Why is the sun yellow?” to “Why do I have to go to school?” Playing is also a big chunk of their day-to-day activities as they find out which games they enjoy to play and become more interested in what their little bodies can do like dancing, jumping, cartwheeling, and many more. In their young lives, preschool children also start getting to know other kids, building close friendships.

In this early childhood journey, Keys School Manila has been working hand-in-hand with parents to guide preschoolers to reach each essential milestone over the years. Since this stage of life is bursting with new experiences for the kids, some changes are challenging for them. It may take the form of families not always being around school when they start taking classes, the overwhelming feeling of being in a bigger world than their homes, and the inevitable social awkwardness among other pupils. This is the reason that, at Keys, we monitor and strengthen children’s growth and development. 

Keys School Manila early childhood educators Pau Viado and Kariza Hubalde have useful reminders on how to check and encourage early childhood milestones. 

Physical Milestones

We know that the kids have transitioned when they can navigate well in both familiar and unfamiliar environment setups. They also show that they are more comfortable and aware of their physical space and abilities. This confirms their increased confidence and ever-developing spatial awareness. At Keys, we fortify this milestone by providing multiple and varied opportunities for practice as well as balancing between easy and challenging movement spaces. We make sure that these movement spaces challenge and hone preschoolers’ balance, mobility, control, and more.

Socio-Emotional Readiness Milestones

When preschoolers express that they are excited to go to school and are assured that their families will be back at the end of the day, it confirms to them that they have transitioned smoothly into becoming more independent children.They refrain from clinging on to their parents or guardians, not anymore crying and begging not to leave them. This behavior indicates that they have accepted why going to school is necessary for them to learn more about the multitude of questions that they have in mind and socialize with people other than their families. Another thing this behavior suggests is that preschoolers have begun experiencing safety and security in school that assimilates home. One factor that paves the way for that acclimatization is Keys offering transitional toys, like stuffed animals, mirroring what they most probably have in their homes. Paradoxically, this sense of familiarity is what prepares them for that weaning and growing independence to learn that Keys ultimately provides.

The early childhood journey, surely, is a time to celebrate milestones as we desire preschoolers to achieve their utmost potential in playing, socializing, and exploring more of their environments. At Keys, we strive to enrich the lives of preschool children—Keys is a place where learners thrive!

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