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Words Alive: A Literacy Expo 

A veritable feast for book lovers, Keys School Manila's Literacy Week was an extravaganza that brought the magic of words to life in spectacular fashion! This year's theme, "Words Alive: A Literacy Expo", paid homage to the transformative power of literature and celebrated the joy of reading and writing in grand, immersive style.

Upon entering the lobby, visitors were immediately transported into a vibrant literary wonderland, greeted by a dazzling display of the students' published works proudly exhibited in Reader's and Writer's Workshops. The lobby became a resplendent gallery showcasing the incredible literary talents and fertile imaginations of Keys' young bibliophiles and budding authors.

The festivities kicked off with the always nail-biting Spelling Bee and Pop Quiz Bee competitions. Bookworms from across the grade levels battled it out, letters and book knowledge dancing at their eager fingertips as they raced against the clock and each other to spell the winning words and answer the most challenging literary trivia. The air was thick with excitement and anticipation as these wordsmiths put their skills to the ultimate test.

However, the real showstoppers were the ingeniously crafted Literacy Booths, a literary labyrinth of fun and creativity masterminded by students from Grades 1 to 10. Each grade level poured their passion into crafting an interactive, fully-immersive booth packed with games, displays, crafts, and activities honoring beloved books, authors, genres and literary themes. Walking through this whimsical wonderland felt like tumbling down the rabbit hole into the kaleidoscopic pages of cherished tales. From exploring the Harry Potter lore to journeying through Wonderland's most curious attractions,the Literacy Booths truly brought storybook realms to vivid life. 

The centerpiece of this highly-anticipated event was the Literacy Fair Parade. In a spectacle befitting the greatest novels, students and teachers alike transformed into characters from storybook realms near and far, donning fantastical costumes and inhabiting iconic roles to represent their favorite literary icons. The parade was a kaleidoscope of make-believe brought to life as it marched and danced through the campus amid thunderous cheers and applause.

As if that wasn't enough to sate the literary appetite, innovative contests like Spine Poetry and BookTok allowed students to showcase their creativity and engagement with literature in fresh, modern ways. Some crafted clever spine poems from assorted book titles arranged in whimsical ways, while others produced captivating book-inspired videos and skits fit for the bibliophile social media world.

© Julian Valles from Grade 5-Luna

Each day had a special literary-themed dress-up celebration to keep everyone fully immersed in the spirit of the festivities. On Mystic Monday, wizards, witches and fantastical mythical beings roamed the halls, ready to cast spells and make magic. Tandem Tuesday brought iconic bookish duos and pairs like Harry and Ron, Frog and Toad, and a lot more. The wicked witches of Oz and Big Bad Wolves prowled about on Wicked Wednesday. And on Trivia Thursday, students' love for inspiring and influential nonfiction personalities shone throughout the entire Keys community.

As the whirlwind week of literary celebration drew to a close, the campus buzzed with inspiration and a palpable, renewed love for the written word. Smiles were as bright as the brilliant costumes, and excitement for the next chapter spilled from every conversation. Keys School Manila's Literacy Expo was a resounding success that reignited the spark of imagination in students, faculty, and parents. It was a joyous reminder that words really do come alive when celebrated with passion, creativity, a spirit of play, and an unwavering belief in their magic.

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