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The Door is Open: Apply Now for Keys School Manila 2024-2025

We are excited to announce the start of admissions for the 2024-2025 school year here at Keys School Manila. As a progressive school, we believe in nurturing students' natural curiosity and empowering them to reach their full potential. Our learner-centered approach focuses on the whole child—mind, body and spirit.

As we prepare for the next school year, the Admissions Team is doing its very best to accommodate potential parents in Keys. “The admissions team can be reached in varied ways. Honestly, we prefer the exchange via email the most as this gives us the room to share a comprehensive set of information on admissions. However, we understand that parents/families may have different needs when it comes to their children's application. Typically, these are families who have children with special needs or those who are coming from schools abroad. The individualized approach we set for Keys families is also what we try to extend to families who are interested in joining our community,” Teacher Jonah Zaraspe, the school’s Admissions Officer states. “We also make use of the school-issued mobile phone to reach out to parents who may have particular questions or who may need additional assistance with their child's application to Keys.”

The Admissions Team: Teacher Jonah Zaraspe (L) and Miss Kim Bautista (R)

Together with fellow officer Ms. Kim Bautista, Teacher Jonah fields some of the frequently asked questions during the admissions process. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions During Admissions Process
-  Do you accept students with special needs? Click here: Admission Guidelines for Students with Special Rights
- What are the admission requirements? Click here: Admission Requirements
- How much is the tuition fee?
- What are the program offerings?
- What are the class sizes?
- What is the school's philosophy in learning?
- What is homework like in Keys? 
- Do you have extracurricular activities in Keys?
- What is the class schedule like? 
- How do you prepare them for college?
- Where do Keys graduates usually go for college education?
- How do the teachers handle discipline and behavior management?
- Does Keys offer religion class?

By addressing the most frequently asked questions from parents, the Admissions Team provides crucial insights into Keys. The thoughtful responses outline the school's educational philosophy, values, and unique programs. Parents gain a bird's-eye view of what sets Keys apart, from the interdisciplinary curriculum and small class sizes to the emphasis on creativity and community. The Team’s thorough answers during consultations, school tours, and orientations allow families to understand the student experience and determine if Keys' progressive approach is the right fit for their child. Providing transparency into the admissions process and priorities guides parents in making this important decision about their child's education and future. In openly sharing details about academics, activities, and culture, the Team’s gives families a window into the Keys world.

Teacher Jonah encourages families to attend the school tour. “By attending the school tour, parents see and learn how learning happens in Keys. By getting to know our community, the parents are able to make a more intentional decision on their child's application. At any rate, families are required to attend the school tour if they want to pursue their application in Keys.” 

She also hopes that parents get their children involved in the decision to apply in Keys. “I ask them to have a conversation with their child. By doing so, the move and the transition to a possible new school/ environment becomes a more positive experience to both the parent and the child.”

As we look ahead to the 2024-2025 academic year, our entire Keys School Manila community is eager to welcome new students and families. We aim to build an inclusive, supportive environment where students can follow their passions and develop a lifelong love of learning. While our admissions process is comprehensive, it is designed to identify students who are a good match for our progressive approach. We encourage interested families to engage with us, ask questions, and get a true sense of our school's spirit. There is great excitement surrounding the upcoming school year and the new members who will join us on this journey. Together, we will nurture our students' growth into creative, critical thinkers and compassionate change-makers in the world. The future is bright, and we can't wait to begin this new chapter!

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