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STEAM Fair 2024 Inspires Innovation

Igniting Young Minds: Keys School Manila's STEAM Fair 2024 Inspires Innovation

Keys School Manila recently hosted its much-anticipated STEAM Fair 2024, a celebration of interdisciplinary learning and problem-solving prowess. This annual event is a testament to the school's commitment to fostering a well-rounded educational experience that transcends traditional subject boundaries.

© Job Ochoa

According to Teacher Maila Ani, the STEAM Fair's primary objective for Grade 4 students was to synthesize their Science and TechEd learnings to tackle real-world environmental challenges. "They used the coding skills they learned in TechEd to showcase their proposed solutions and designs for relevant issues in Philippine ecosystems," she explained. This approach not only reinforced their theoretical knowledge but also equipped them with practical problem-solving abilities.

© Maila Ani

For the upper grades, Teacher Job Ochoa highlighted the Fair's goal of developing projects that seamlessly integrate multiple units, enabling students to grasp the interconnectedness of various scientific disciplines. "This provides the opportunity for students to realize the interconnectedness and reliance of different branches of science in studying the real world," he elaborated.

The STEAM Fair encourages a diverse array of projects, with a particular emphasis on those involving physical components, design elements, and technological applications. As Teacher Job noted, "Projects with a physical component that require the use of design and engineering are encouraged. Projects that apply technology or that fit into the TechEd curriculum are also prioritized."

© Job Ochoa

One of the Fair's hallmarks is its ability to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing across grade levels. Many projects are passed down from one batch to the next, allowing students to build upon the ideas of their predecessors and seek advice from those who have tackled similar challenges. "The students are also encouraged to view and participate in the STEAM Fair projects of the other batches, allowing for multi-batch dialogue and learning," Teacher Job added.

© Maila Ani

Creativity and critical thinking are at the heart of the STEAM Fair experience. As Teacher Job explained, "The STEAM Fair projects are designed to have open-ended prompts, encouraging the students to develop their own solutions to the problems provided. Having physical aspects to the project also gives the students the chance to create design solutions and aesthetic freedom."

Teacher Maila echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the iterative process students undergo: "In order for them to provide a solution and propose a design for the environmental issue, they had to clearly understand the problem from its different perspectives. Upon understanding, they are now tasked to brainstorm ideas to address the issue. The students do several rounds of editing and iteration of their ideas in order to produce a final result that would best achieve the objectives."

© Job Ochoa

The STEAM Fair at Keys School Manila is igniting young minds, nurturing the next generation of innovators, problem-solvers, and creative thinkers through an immersive, interdisciplinary experience.

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