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Love Month at Keys

Valentine’s Day is an exciting day for many students in school and we prepared exciting festivities for everyone to enjoy this in Keys. Whether it be creating and exchanging cards, giving out special treats, or simply joining together to celebrate love and friendship, Valentine’s Day is definitely an opportunity to show love and appreciation to everyone. 

Last February 14, the Keys community hosted a Valentine’s Day Festival, All You Need is Love, for the students. It was a day filled with fun activities, including a Valentine’s Day Talent Show, Love Stations, and capping the day with a Class Tea Party. Each of the different activities provided an opportunity to engage with others, have fun with friends, and promote a sense of community and friendship.

The Keys Talent Show was a great way to celebrate love and life and connect with the community. Each level poured their hearts out with lively dances, heartfelt songs, comedic skits, and a lot more! Not only did the students showcase their talents, but also the teachers, who concluded the program with a spectacular flash mob dance!

We had different Love Stations to celebrate and encourage the students to engage themselves in random acts of love and kindness.

  • Station 1: The Matchmaking Station

Students had to find the match to complete a heart. Once they found their match and completed the heart, they executed physical tasks such as burpees, jogging in place and a lot more written on the hearts.

  • Station 2: Books from Big Hearts

A book drive to book sale initiated by one of our 6th-grade students, Sabine Lee, opened an opportunity for students to practice generosity by participating in the book sale project with the proceeds to support the Kythe Foundation in honor of Zoe Garcia. Other books will also be shared in the community library. 

  • Station 3:The Love Note Post

An activity that encouraged kids to write letters and kindness notes to their friends or classmates. 

To cap the day off, everyone gathered in their classrooms for a Class Tea Party. All levels enjoyed the company of their friends with delicious treats, drinks, and warm conversations. Not only that, but the teachers also prepared exciting classroom activities for the kids including crafts and arts, letter-making, and more!

It was definitely an eventful and remarkable day to remind everyone how special and loved they are. As the saying goes, “Life is full of lots of things that make it all worthwhile, but none is better than seeing everyone spread love and kindness to everyone.”

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