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Keys School Manila Policy on Bullying (An Overview)

The Keys School Manila Policy on bullying of students "prohibits bullying in all forms, regardless of the means, place, and time of its commission." It uses the definition of bullying provided in the IRR (implementing rules and regulations) of Republic Act No. 10627, which includes:

- Unwanted physical contact

- Any act that causes damage to a victim's psyche or emotional well-being

- Statements that cause the victim undue emotional distress

R.A. 10627 also provides specific definitions for Cyber Bullying, social bullying, and gender-based bullying. It then provides the common forms of bullying. (To read R.A. 10627, click here. To learn about R.A. 10627 via video, click here.)

Bullying in school and outside of school, including cyberspace, is prohibited. To implement this, Keys School Manila takes preventive measures, such as:

  • Raising awareness of bullying and its different forms through comprehensive anti-bullying programs that include:
    • Cultivating a positive school environment
    • Development of healthy relationships and respect for all individuals as reflected in the Keys Core Values
    • Conducting activities for students and personnel on how to recognize and respond to bullying 
  • Involving parents in bullying prevention through:
    • Discussions on the policy
    • Conducting sessions where parents can learn, teach, model, and reinforce positive social and emotional skills to their children
    • Monitoring students who are vulnerable to committing aggressive acts or who are possible targets or victims for early intervention.

The school also develops and improves its intervention programs to promote the anti-bullying policy. These programs include:

  • Counseling
  • Life Skills Training
  • Education

These intervention programs can be applied to all those involved in bullying incidents, including bystanders, parents, school personnel, and service providers. 

Following a bullying incident, the school will follow specific procedures to assess and address the situation. These include:

  • Disciplinary action and the bully's compliance with prevention programs
  • Avoidance of retaliation by the victim
  • Involve the bystanders in responsible reporting of the incident and securing the victim's safety

Reinforcement of the school's policy throughout the due process of addressing an incident of bullying will be spearheaded by the school's Anti-Bullying Committee.

Bullying of students in school is a preventable issue, and Keys School Manila takes all allowable measures to keep its school free of bullying. A more comprehensive guide of the school's stance on bullying can be read in the Keys School Manila Bullying Prevention and Intervention Primer, provided to all parents at the start of every school year.

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