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Keyesta Family Day

Keyesta Family Day: A Vibrant Celebration of Community at Keys School Manila

The warm April sun shone brightly over the lively Greenfield District as it played host to Keys School Manila's highly anticipated Keyesta Family Day last April 5, 2024. This vibrant event brought together the entire school community - students, parents, staff, alumni, and local businesses - for a day brimming with fun, entertainment, and meaningful connections.

"Keyesta Family Day is an exciting event designed to bring together students, staff, and the broader community for a day filled with fun, entertainment, and meaningful interactions. Its primary goal is to create a vibrant and enjoyable experience that strengthens connections and celebrates talents while raising funds to support teacher development," explained Teacher Iris Velasco, one of the lead organizers.

Building Excitement Through Promotion

Weeks prior, the hallways of Keys School Manila buzzed with energy as organizers built anticipation for the big day. "We disseminated marketing collaterals including colorful teasers and made room-to-room visits asking for volunteers from faculty and parents to help make the event successful," recounted Teacher Steph Barredo. Posters decorated bulletin boards, countdowns were held during assemblies, and a palpable sense of excitement filled the air.

A Community Effort 

From the onset, it was clear Keyesta would be a community-wide endeavor. Parent involvement was crucial to ensuring its success. As Teacher Iris noted, "Parent ambassadors played a key fundraising role, securing generous sponsorships for booths like games, photo booths, and inflatables." Among those going the extra mile were Jeff and Ycoy Sitchon, owners of the prestigious event company La Belle Fête. The couple lent their expertise in coordinating vendors and transforming the venue into a whimsical wonderland with striking decor. "Jeff and Ycoy Sitchon helped mount the entire event from top to bottom," Teacher Iris shared gratefully. But they were hardly alone, as dozens of other parents provided invaluable support through in-kind donations of prizes and materials as well as monetary contributions.

The school's dedicated faculty also rolled up their sleeves, serving as "Booth Masters" to ensure the day's activities ran smoothly and safely. "Our teachers worked tirelessly to create an exciting yet secure environment for students to fully participate while enjoying the day," Teacher Iris added.

A Fun-Filled Day for All

When the big day finally arrived, the Greenfield District was transformed into a vibrant spectacle of games, activities, and performances. Attendees were greeted by a colorful array of booths and inflatables lining the streets. The aroma of delicious food wafted through the air as local vendors and food trucks served up mouth-watering treats. At the heart of it all was the Main Stage, where student talents took the spotlight.

"It was incredible to see so many of our students showcasing their skills and passions," said Teacher Steph. "The Dance Group wowed the crowds with their impressive choreography, while the High School Bands had everyone on their feet rocking out."

But the festivities went far beyond just the main attractions. Tucked away in tents and classrooms were endless opportunities for family fun - from the wildly popular photo booth capturing priceless memories to game booths where visitors could test their skills. Even the school's facilities got in on the action, with the gymnasium, classrooms, and athletic fields transformed in spaces for open play, arts & crafts, and athletic competitions.

Beaming smiles could be seen everywhere as families soaked in the joyous atmosphere. "Parents and children absolutely loved it because there was something for everyone to enjoy at their own pace," Teacher Steph remarked. "It had such a relaxing 'chill vibe' compared to the typical fun run or field day. And it was so nice for parents to have the chance to meet and connect with others across different grade levels."

Fostering Community Pride 

While Keyesta was undoubtedly a blast for all ages, it served a greater purpose - strengthening the community ties that make Keys School Manila so special. As Teacher Iris summarized, "At its core, Keyesta promoted togetherness by actively involving parents, alumni, local businesses and the entire community in the planning process, showcasing talented students, offering fun activities for all ages, and celebrating the school's achievements. This truly collaborative event strengthened bonds and fostered immense collective pride."

The sense of unity was palpable as teachers, administrators, parents, and students worked hand-in-hand to ensure the day's success. Food vendors generously donated portions of their proceeds to support the fundraising efforts for teacher development initiatives. Parent-led companies contributed time, resources and manpower. And students eagerly volunteered for duties ranging from running game booths to ushering visitors.

According to Teacher Iris, this synergy was by careful design. "By engaging such a wide array of stakeholders, we created a strong sense of community ownership in the event and instilled tremendous school spirit," she explained. "The performances gave our talented students a big platform to shine, which boosted their confidence and camaraderie. Having families work side-by-side builds lasting connections between parents, students and faculty."

Indeed, as the Greenfield District returned to its normal cadence, the Keys School Manila community will carry the warm memories and strengthened bonds of Keyesta Family Day for years to come. This vibrant celebration will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for even greater connectedness and school achievement.

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